Protecting Your Home Improvement Dollars When Buying or Selling Your Grand Rapids, MI Home!

Home Improvement - caulking tileNo one wants to waste money these days!  In Grand Rapids, MI where thousands of homes are vying for the attention of a limited pool of buyers, it’s even more important to make your home stand out when buyers do come knocking…knowing they’ll be knocking on an average of 20-25 homes before they make a decision.

I’m often asked about Home Improvements which home sellers would like to make to improve their chances of selling.  I’ve written about advice which I give regarding home staging.  But, what about major home improvements?  What’s the return on your investment if for instance you want to add granite counter tops to your kitchen or are contemplating new siding?

These questions are also relevant to home buyers when shopping for a home which if purchased correctly and improved intelligently could Net a Nice Profit when the home is sold.  A Home Improvement Report from Remodelling Online is  a Fantastic Resource for home improvements and the Return on Investment in the Grand Rapids Area.  The report compares the average cost of the investment, resale value and percentage recouped on average from a sale. 

According to the report, the Top 6 Values for Return on Investment in a Home Improvement Project in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area are:

Deck:  Cost Recouped  ~ 85%

Windows:  Cost Recouped ~ 81%

Kitchen:  Cost Recouped ~ 78%

Bathroom:  Cost Recouped ~ 78%

Attic Bedroom:  Cost Recouped ~ 76.6 %

Basement:  Cost Recouped ~ 75%

If You are interested in a FREE Staging Analysis to see how to Prepare Your Home for Sale…Contact Us!

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*Special Thanks to Gary White, real estate agent in Commerce, Michigan for assistance with research for this post.

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