The Most Expensive Home in Grand Rapids, Michigan…$2,250,000!

Sure, I was curious.  With home prices trending downwards over the past 12 months, I wondered what the most expensive home listing in Grand Rapids, Mi was.  According to the Grand Rapids Michigan resource link on Trulia, it was this property on Lake Michigan Drive for a Cool $2,250,000.  Huh…but, it’s not a home.  As far as I can tell from the pictures, it looks like a car wash!  A home for cars perhaps for the short time it takes for them to shower and get dried off.

Another Reason why Getting Accurate Information from your Local Real Estate Agent is Vital.  Sites like Trulia can be a helpful starting point, but nothing beats working with agents who truly know the Grand Rapids, Michigan area.

Agents of Audu Real Estate live and work in the community.  We continually monitor the emerging trends to ensure that our clients are provided with the most accurate up to date information about the housing market in Grand Rapids, Michigan which is possible.  Feel free to contact us at or 616-791-0511 for all your real estate needs in 2008!  Happy New Year!

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