Grand Rapids, Michigan…Best of the Best!

Frederik Meijer Garden Sculpture, Grand Rapids, MichiganThe January 2008 issue of the popular Grand Rapids Magazine carries the Reader’s Poll Results.  This highly anticipated survey result polls the magazines readers for their favorites in a number of categories which include: Best Restaurant, Best Brunch, Best Bagel, Best Sandwich, Best Sushi, Best Steak, Best Museum, Best Outdoor Festival, Best Public Park, Best Tourist Attraction, Best Radio Personality, Best Bookstore and Best Florist amongst 100 Different Categories.

Over the years, Grand Rapids Magazine readers have highlighted a number of businesses which I tried for the first time and  was pleased to add a new favorite to my personal list of great places to go in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Some of my personal favorites which made the list this year were: Best Barbecue Winner, Sandmans and Schullers Bookstore in the Best Bookstore Category.  I was disappointed to see that Marie Catrib’s Deli did not make Best Deli.  It was also interesting to note a new category this year…Best Blogger… 

For the first time, the magazine featured a section which highlighted categories chosen by the staff of the magazine.  Here the unusual is featured such as the home in 3 Neighborhoods…Gerald Ford’s Childhood home amongst other somewhat odd or quirky little known facts about life in Grand Rapids. 

Pick up a copy at the newsstand this New Year and see what Grand Rapids City Dwellers are recommending in our community this year! 

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