Setting the Stage to Successfully Sell Your Grand Rapids, Mi Home.

DaisyStaging a home for sale has become one of the big buzz words in real estate during this past year.  In a market which has witnessed a 100% increase in the competition of home on the market, this is understandable.

For home owners in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area, selling a home successfully has involved enhancing the Value Perception to potential buyers who are distracted with news of the housing crisis and sometimes overwhelmed by the sheer volume of homes available.

It is important to understand that an agent who shows up at your door for a scheduled showing is probably showing 5-10 properties in single day to their buyer.  After about 5 homes, all of them begin to look the same and it can become difficult to remember what you saw or liked.

A well organized agent will remind their buyer to bring a digital camera or may even furnish one for them.  This is very helpful but in the event that you are not fortunate enough to have an agent with this type of foresight ring your doorbell, there are some things that you can do as a Homeowner to make your home showing a memorable experience for potential buyers and for the real estate agent who may have other buyers for whom your home is just perfect!

For starters…pick up all clutter.  Your home should be neat and clean.  This includes doing the dishes (not having the dishwasher running while buyers are touring your home); emptying trash cans, clearing all counters including those located in the kitchen and bathrooms, and in winter having a good mat at the front door unless you want ice and snow tracked through your clean house.

In addition, I always recommend putting on all lights.  The reason for this is that dark corners are never inviting.  Light encourages us to explore the unfamiliar…remember this is what your home is  to potential buyers right now.  Bathrooms and kitchens are inspected with the nose and eyes.  By this I mean that they should smell clean and look clean!  This is where the most intimate moments are spent; potential buyers are repelled by evidence or essence left over by previous inhabitants.  I recommend rubbing down counter-tops with a paper towel in the kitchen and bathroom areas soaked in Lysol Fresh Scent prior to leaving your home for a showing.

All beds should be made and clothing items picked up from the floor in the bedroom.  You do not want a potential buyer to make the unwanted discovery of dirty socks or lingerie in an unexpected way.  These are not the kinds of memories you want to remain with a buyer after they leave your house.

It is a welcoming site to come into a neat cheerful kitchen and to see the snack bar or kitchen table set with an inviting table setting.  Remember the kitchen table is where most of us make important decisions.  A plate of cookies strategically placed on the table or counter encourages potential buyers to linger and consider your home as an option.  That is what you want. 

Lastly, don’t forget the music!  Music helps us to relax and can release stress if its the right type.  At Audu Real Estate we offer detailed Staging appointments which will help you with the proper arrangement and/or purchase of furniture items and accessories to make your home look its best.  Studies indicate that a properly staged home can increase the market value of a property up to 10% above one which is not well presented.  To Book a Staging appointment, please contact our office at  616-791-0511 or e-mail us at  In a challenging real estate market, no advantage should be unexplored!

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