3 Sure-Fire Strategies to Sell Your Grand Rapids, Michigan Home inspite of the Foreclosure Crisis!

Christmas EarthOne of the underlying challenges that lenders are having in the Grand Rapids, Michigan real estate market is that appraisals are coming in for less than the agreed upon purchase price between buyers and sellers

So, are there steps that homeowners can take to maintain the Values in their neighborhood and decrease the impact that declining sales and increased foreclosures are having in their community?  The answer is YES!

The lending industry is understandably cautious about declining values. It’s an issue which has risen in prominence due to the increase in foreclosures in our market.  Did you know that a property which is in foreclosure in your neighborhood on the average lops off about  $7,000 worth of Value off the Top?  However, this presents some unique opportunities.  With interest rates at all time lows and talk of decreases in the Prime Lending Rate in the near future, being proactive about promoting your community is important.

Every element of the real estate market is in a period of adjustment right now. As a result, Buyers and Sellers have to make sure that the decisions they are making about their real estate concerns allow them to focus on getting a positive result and avoiding holding the proverbial bucket of stupid.

Here are some Tips which are helpful to consider when Marketing a Home During A foreclosure crisis.

1. Help Out Your Neighbors!

Yes, for by helping them, you are helping yourself.  Become nosey.  Find out what your neighbors are selling their homes for.  Don’t be afraid to ask about the details of their home.  Visit their Open House and talk with the real estate agent.  They’ll probably even offer you coffee and a snack. Ask the agent HOW they arrived at the price for the home and if there have been any price reductions.  Inquire about the real estate market in your area.  Offer to take some extra flyers.  And then distribute them!  Let everyone you can know that there is a great home or homes for Sale in your neighborhood.

2. Focus on The Benefits!

Talk to people you know about the homes For Sale In Your Community. Focus on the fact that there is a GREAT SELECTION of homes in your neighborhood currently for Sale.  Now, armed with the knowledge of these home…become a salesperson.  Describe the homes in your neighborhood that are for sale and ENCOURAGE people to tell others whom they know.  I know that if you’ve read this far…you’re thinking Huh???  Well, let’s put it this way…this is not really about your neighbors…its about YOU!  Every Successful Home Sale ultimately benefits YOU!

Every-time a home Sells in Your community for a good price…YOU BENEFIT!  Every-time, you have someone in a home rather than a home boarded up and vacant…YOU BENEFIT!  Every-time, a good neighbor moves into your community whom you recommended…YOU BENEFIT!  Every-time you avoid a Foreclosure near you…YOU BENEFIT.

3. Become a Home Selling Advocate!

So, I encourage you to become a HOME SELLING ADVOCATE!  Advocate for Homes for Sale in Your community.  Advocate for Values to remain stable by taking care of your home and helping your neighbors who may be struggling.  Advocate to encourage departing home owners to maintain the exterior of their properties.  If you have a home nearby where the lawn is not being mowed…consider mowing it.  It’s about your property values. Advocate for positive outcomes for others…for as you put this type of energy into motion…it has a way of swirling in bountiful returns back to you. 

If you intend to Sell You Home within the Next Year in Grand Rapids, Michigan…you will need to think in a completely different way! No buyer wants to be told by the appraiser that they paid more for a home than it was worth.  Do your part to promote and enhance the Value of homes in your neighborhood. This will take new and innovative thinking.  If you’d like to talk about how we have successfully assisted homeowners through the changing norms of selling homes today, please feel free to call our office at 616-791-0511.

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