As the World Turns…Connexions

Na Wa O!  De thing whey happen’ today no be sometim whey one dey forget.  Conexcion…you hear me say um.  My head dey turn.  Na only today whey I take my self go visit some people on one place dem call Facebook. I see one pickin face whey I think say I recognize.  Whether na him O, I no know.  Anyway to make long torie short…I send message to ask de oyimbo man one small question. To say whether na him be de same Kevin Boer whey I know before…before…long time ago!


*The paragraph above is written in Pidgeon English. The following is a story of the power of Connections & how the Internet is connecting people and ideas across continents and bringing new and fresh inspiration from all corners of the globe.

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Kevin BoerI continue to be amazed at the way in which connections occur.  Today, browsing through Facebook, I came across a familiar name.  It had been decades since I had last encountered this individual in Jos, Nigeria.  I wasn’t even sure it was the same person.  But, a question in an e-mail was quickly answered. Yes, Kevin Boer replied, he had grown up in Nigeria.  His e-mail reply in Pidgeon English certified that!  He and his family had lived in the same community and attended the same school, Hillcrest School that I had graduated from in the early 80’s.

Now, fast forward  several decades.  Kevin Boer is the CEO of 3 Oceans Real Estate in San Francisco. CA and the author of the popular real estate blog by the same name. This summer Kevin moderated one of the forums at the Bloggers Connect Conference.  I’ve stopped by to read the 3 Oceans blog, but never realised that this was the same Kevin whose family had lived overseas for several decades.  It’s funny how a large world can shrink so quickly.

Kevin & I got to chatting this evening and I was amazed at the African Connections which are informing the conversation about real estate across the United States. Kevin shared with me other African Connections that link together many well known services in the real estate world.  They include v-flyer co-founder Martin Muoto who also attended Hillcrest School, Zillow’s Community Relations Director David Gibbons who grew up in Cape Town, South Africa and Stefan Swanepoel who authors the widely influential Swanepoel Trends Report and is also from the Southern region of the continent.  It’s extraordinary to link connections across the world through the blogosphere.  Goodness, the online world is breaking down the “6 degree connection” faster than you can blink an eye!

P.S. Kevin challenged me to write in Pidgeon English.  I’m glad I still know how. 🙂

Here’s A video of one of Africa’s most Famous Songs…this updated version combines Pidgeon English and French.  It is a tribute to Africa’s Mothers…Enjoy!

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