Working Off the Turkey Fat…Locals Flood the Grand Rapids YMCA!

ExercisingThe guy checking people in couldn’t contain himself…”Boy, it’s busy today…everyone’s coming in to work out.”  We were in line to check in to the Downtown YMCA, (aka David D. Hunting branch)  a state of the art fitness facility which features one of the best exercise programs in the area. Although the line was moving briskly, it was clear that the place was quite full.

The YMCA building is a modern marvel with expansive views from the third floor where most of the major gym equipment is housed.  The second floor has classrooms,  smaller, more intimate gym areas, a viewing deck to watch the swimmers in the pool below and a chapel.

Downstairs you can grab a snack, enroll the kids in a play gym or go swimming in one of Grand Rapids’ coolest pools!  I was there to attend a yoga class.  I’ve done yoga on and off for a few years.  I like the focus on core strength, relaxation and correct breathing and posture.  The instructors at the YMCA are pretty good & classes are free with a membership.

There are a number of programs available including private training, massage therapy & an extensive variety of lessons and training programs for teens and children.  The facility is clean and well maintained.  I always appreciate the fact that they provide sanitizers for the stations. So, if you’re looking for a great place to work off some of those holiday goodies…check out the downtown Grand Rapids YMCA!

Here’s a link to a complete list of all programs available at the downtown Grand Rapids, YMCA

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