Did You Tell Them to Go Google Their Home?

Google this address 11369 Starflower Dr. Holland, MII’m not sure exactly how many MLS systems we have in Michigan…but there are a lot of them!  I pay to have access to one local Board and fork out more money to have limited privileges on a second.  I recently took a listing which caused me to investigate the possibility of listing privileges with a third board. 

Our initial contacts yielded limited success, but we were finally routed to the right person just in time…for them to go on vacation! Unfortunately, there was no one else to answer the question or process the paperwork, so we waited. 

When, the individual got back from vacation, we were informed that processing could only take place through the mail and since they were going to be out for another week…well, the listing would just have to wait until they got back.  A few years ago, this would have made me frantic.  That was then…This is NOW!

During the hiatus of 2 weeks in which this MLS system has been unable to attend to a listing from a paying client, I took advantage of some Excellent tools available to real estate agents who need maximum exposure for their listings.  My clients are moving out of state and need to sell their home.  They don’t have 2 weeks to wait. 

First of all, I posted the listing on my primary MLS.  Then, I created a Real Estate Show and a Flyer to match.  While on Real Estate Shows, I noticed that a simple click would export my Show to Google, Trulia and several other media outlets.  Just a click…and it was done.  Then, I headed back to my blog and posted the listing there and onto Localism.  

Next, the listing was posted to Zillow which receives millions of hits a month and then I zipped the listing over to Yahoo.  Finally, I composed an e-mail to my client and let them know that their listing would be on line all over the WORLD in a couple of days!  What I didn’t anticipate was how quickly they would be able to Google their address and see several entries all about their home! 

Now, we’re going to have NEW Sign Riders made which say Google this ADDRESS.   In less than 48 hours, I can now type in this address into a Search Bar on Yahoo or Google and get information about this listing and so can my clients AND all their friends, family and relatives! We think that this header might be something that people driving through the neighborhood will enjoy Clicking on too! There’s something really cool about that!

15 thoughts on “Did You Tell Them to Go Google Their Home?

  1. Hi Bob, Thanks for stopping by. I guess you could have the marketing done ahead of time…in my case, I simply did the marketing AFTER the listing was in place. The effect was rapid and extremely effective from a marketing standpoint.

  2. Marlene, The obstacle turned out to be a blessing! This would probably not have come to mind without the assistance of the delay posed by the employee of the MLS system. So…in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I just say Thank You. 🙂

  3. Hi Renee, Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. It just occured to me…the sign rider could be put on any listing and people would understand it. Like you said…excellent neighborhoood promotion too. 🙂

  4. Lola, that is so much better than making the sign riders with the URL of the address which many agents do.
    This is a great idea because you can use the same sign for multiple listings and use it over and over again.

  5. Lola, you just gave me a most excellent idea to put “google this address” on riders and flyers. Never thought about that to attract potential listings. I currently tell the owners to do that and to google the rest of the listing addresses on the block if they want to know what I am doing to sell their homes vs the other agents though..LOL!

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