Green Well…the Grand Rapids, MI Green Gourmet Restaurant!

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If you’re in Grand Rapids, Mi make sure you check out this new restaurant.  The Green Well, owned by the Essence Restaurant Group is located on 924 Cherry Street in Grand Rapids, Michigan, just a short walk from one of my other favorite restaurants in the East Hills neighborhood, Marie Catrib’s.

The site was designed by Guy Bazzani, owner of Bazzani & Associates a local architect who is playing a leading role in designing several innovative environmentally friendly local projects.

The Green Well was also recently featured in the MiBiz, a newspaper magazine which highlights local news and events in the business community.  According to the MiBiz article, the restaurant which is owned by Essence Group is located in a LEED Certified building.  In fact, the Green Well is the ONLY restaurant in the Midwest in which the interior and exterior construction meet LEED Certification standards.

The restaurant design incorporates a number of environmentally friendly touches which include:  foam blocks filled with insulation for the building’s insulation, table tops and art-ware for the walls fashioned from recycled materials, compact florescent lighting and bathrooms with waterless urinals, low flush toilets and sinks fashioned from recycled plastics.

Now, this is all very inventive…but the proof of the pudding for a restaurant is always it’s food and its service. So, how does the Green Well rate on these counts.  When we got to the restaurant, there was about a 40 minute wait.  We took this as a good sign…patrons seemed to be enjoying their meals and the bar counter was also full.

The wait was worth it! Our server was attentive and helpful.  The menu is imaginative and many of the selections feature products and produce from local vendors.  I had the butternut squash soup.  It was absolutely fantastic! The nutty flavor was enhanced by a delicate blend of spices.  We paired the soup with a fresh bread platter which included a flat bread baked in house and a delicious humus paste.

Our entrees were also excellent.  My husband enjoyed the trout and I had pork chops which were cooked to succulent perfection and complimented by a potpourri blend of root vegetables.  Make sure you save room for dessert as the selection varies and I’m told the gelatto is exquisite.

The term “gastro pub” is used to describe this unique blending of restaurant, bar and European bistro.  This is the first restaurant with this concept in the Grand Rapids, Mi area. Because the Green Well strives to take advantage of what is seasonally available, the menu tends to change frequently.  Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this excellent blend of sustainable environmentally friendly design and creatively presented entrees while in the Grand Rapids, Mi area.

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