If You Could Peer into the Future…Would you Sell Your Home?

chair setProbably the biggest source of angst that home owners in Grand Rapids, Michigan have about selling their home is knowing if their home has a chance for a Sale.  Quiet turmoil mounts with the following irksome thoughts. 

Potential Sellers question, “Will this Home Sell?”  or “Will anyone even want to look at my home?”  This is especially troublesome when the home across the street has been For Sale for the past 6 months…and you’ve never seen anyone come to take a look.

Well, there’s a feature available that allows you to look into the future in a manner of speaking.  As a real estate broker, I can do a reverse search for your property which can give you a fairly good idea of how your property might fare on the biggest display arena in the entire world…the Internet! 

Here’s an example that I just played around with in the 49534 zip code.  Let’s say you have a fairly new home (5 years or less) and you’re thinking of placing it on the market for approximately $225,000.  You have a daylight basement and a 2 stall garage with less than an acre of land.  It’s a 3 bedroom 2 bath home and there is a lovely fireplace. 

Well, here’s the results.  According to the tool provided by the Grand Rapids Association of Realtors,  likely results from on line marketing would yield 7,138 requests for a home similar to yours in price, location and options within the past 7 Days!  If you had this information…would it make a difference? 

If you’re interested in exploring how this service works and how it might be used to Sell your home…contact us!

2 thoughts on “If You Could Peer into the Future…Would you Sell Your Home?

  1. Jason, this is one of the most under utilized tools in our MLS database. I don’t think that most homeowners even know that real estate agents can do this for them. It’s very effective in assisting with a lot of things…pricing, marketing…

  2. Interesting tool Lola, I hadn’t heard about this. This would be a very useful thing for everyone even thinking about putting their home on the market.

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