Harvesting Seasonal Expectations…

Today, it looks like we will be enjoying another beautiful fall day in Grand Rapids,Michigan .  The days are unseasonably temperate for what we have come to expect at this time of the year.  Usually, blustery November winds spike the chill factor and make you head for the comfort of a blazing hearth fire.

red appleI don’t mind this flirtation between the seasons.  Summer deciding to merge with Autumn and stay around awhile longer.  It’s fine with me because I love fall.  I love the changing of the color guard that transforms the trees into a glorious profusion of artistry so extraordinary that people drive for hours just to take in the show!  To enjoy West Michigan’s best tours for the fall season, you may want to bookmark this site.  Although, conventional wisdom says the best color peaks in October…nature still has some beautiful scenic surprises dotting the landscape.

One of my favorite spots to stop in for a snack while driving around Grand Rapids, Michigan during the temperate fall season is Robinettes Apple OrchardRobinettes Apple  Haus has been in business since 1911 and is family owned. Robinettes is famous for fresh donuts, delicious cider, tasty pies and of course…great apples!  I also love their freshly baked breads.

Fall is also a time for harvesting the contacts made in business throughout the spring and summer months.  It’s  a great time to visit clients who have moved into new homes in time for the start of the new school year or to pick up the phone and make an appointment for lunch.  This is the time to dust off old contact lists and write a letter. 

leafFall is a time of expectationExpect good things to happenExpect to see results as a reward for your labors.  And NEVER GIVE UP!  Recently, two calls brought in business deals from sources that were totally unexpected. 

One individual had decided to use another company in-spite of having several recommendations to use Audu Real Estate.  Well, unexpectedly she called back, the deal had fallen through and she used us to buy her home!  We also received a referral from an individual who said she had been given our name from a sources that I have little present contact with.  If nature decides to enter the harvest a little early this fall…well, perhaps so can you.  Here’s to prosperous Prospecting & Harvesting this Fall!

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